Folders within Easel

Would it be possible to get folders in Easel so we can better categorize projects?
I am currently up to 8 pages of projects and would love a way to catalog those projects by type. Currently I have to click through the list until I find the specific project I want to work with.

Thanks for the consideration.

I read this forum almost daily and have not seen a post like this. I am sorry I did not use the search function first. I am surprised by the attitude I just received from this community. I guess I will go back to being a viewing member and not a posting one.


Use the search button already a few of these posts

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This is where a FAQ would be helpful … folks could be pointed to questions that are frequently asked and likely find a treasure of other information…

You are absolutely correct there… but at the very least, people can be pointed to information instead of depending on a handful of experts on the forum to answer the same q’s over and over… whether they choose to read is a whole other ballgame… :slight_smile:

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Therein lies the million dollar question… who is the owner of the forum?

Happy to contribute if needed…


I completely agree that there is a huge need for organizational tools in Easel. I searched (keyword: folder) and found at least 9 posts from other users requesting the same feature request. I point this out not to chastise but to emphasize the obvious need.

It is unfortunate that your thread has been hijacked. I think that forum moderation is needed but this is not the place to discuss it. As part of that moderation, I think a “Read This Before You Post” section could be pinned at the top.

Please don’t be discouraged from posting again. I’m sure that no one intends to be rude when they recommend searching. Personally, I think that a duplicate post in the Feature Request section adds emphasis to an important issue.


Hi Thomas…

This forum is a victim of its own success. There are not many communities out there that have such engaged participants that are so willing to assist and share. The response you received is not due to your specific post but rather due to the fact that there isn’t an “etiquette guide” that ensures we are all using the forum in the same way.

Please don’t disengage because of one post. People want to help. People want to share.

There is an abundance of information on this forum. The bigger question now is, how can we tap into that wealth of knowledge?

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I was just about to ask for this same feature but instead of folders I would like to see “pages” The idea being that I’m working on a project that requires 7 separate projects because of material changes and pieces being to large to do at once. So a single project with multiple pages allows me to organize it and when I go to publish the project then it’s all organized and a single project page.

We actually have MOD’s. @Rusty you can tell who they are by the fancy shield by their name. Let’s take it easy on the newer people. It takes a little while to get used to the way things run around here. If we used he search function we would have seen the post about it. Lol.

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Yes, some aren’t quite as forum savvy as those that are on here posting and reading multiple times per day. Let’s not forget that we’re all part of the group. While moderators might help organize, some people just try to act bossy.

Be nice @PhilJohnson. We’ve had this “making people cry” talk once before lol.

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Hi Everyone

Thanks for all the enthusiasm. We understand that the file and folder management in Easel is bumping up on the limits of the original design. When we did the first iteration we weren’t even sure if anyone would use Easel.

We’ve been adding features that made it possible to do things that were not possible before. Easel usage is at record levels. It’s exciting and hard to imagine so many people are designing and carving every day.

File and folder management is on our radar for improvement. It’s a tricky problem and we want to solve it in a thoughtful way rather than hacking together a solution.

More to come on this…


Thumbnails would a be nice feature.