Font depth/corner issues

hey everyone,
So I’ve had my xcarve for about a month now and am having some issues with fonts all of a sudden. I ran a test carve to show to the person I’m making these for and it turned out fine but now that I am starting to produce them I can’t get the fonts to turn out right. The small lettering is coming out messy like the 60-degree vbit I’m using isn’t cleaning out all the material in the lettering and for some reason on the large letters, the bit is sinking in deeper when cleaning up the corners which gives them the rounded almost circular corners. I’m using a z-probe and my cut settings are feed rate-50 plunge rate - 12 and DPP-0.028. I don’t know what I am doing wrong and hope you guys might have some insight for me.

Check all your v-wheels looks like something is loose

As far as I can tell everything seems to be snug. Did you have a specific axis you’re thinking might be off?

Spin each V-Wheel are they loose or do they have drag on them? Could be any but suspicious of the Z. Steve

You might also want to check your belt tensions. It would appear that you are loosing steps in multiple Axes… Further, check the set screws on the stepper motors (Especially Z) to make sure they aren’t backed out a bit. (Locktite is your friend here!)

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