Font Finder (FREE)

I have seen several posts where someone asks to identify a font. I have found two websites that will do it for FREE! One is **www.whatfontis.**com and the other is at, then click What The Font at the top.
These sites want a font to identify at least 100 pixels high and seperate letters. What Font Is has an image editor to seperate the letters. The font to be identified should contain at least four characters and a max of 50. You will be given a choice of several fonts for you to download. Most fonts are free, but some may be downloaded for a small fee.
Of course, Easel will not identify these fonts, but whatever program you use to generate your SVG file, Inkscape, Illustrator, AutoCAD, etc. will most likely be able to recognize your new font and then it can be carved.


What the font has an Android app that allows you to take a picture of a font in question. It seems to work well. Works great considering it is free.

I have found that at times the price of free can be costly.

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