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Font Inlay Generator

Thought Id put this out there as last week inlay generator seemed to be working fine. However Ive been having issues with fitment but more importantly when I try to generate from a “PRO” text font, it shows correctly, but when imported it shows both pieces as “clear pocket”. Imports the standard fonts correctly. then to throw a wrench into the mix, A piece I created and saved which was just a G in the almendra font still works but if I create the same g in the same font it wont generate correctly. Thanks.

Hey Richard, that’s weird. Feel free to reach out to so we can help you dial in the solution.

Was this resolved? I am having the same issue.

No, I did receive a message from inventables stating they have heard about it and are working to resolve. They suggested using a different font.

Do I have any options if I have already cut the lettering and just noticed this after setting up the inlay portion? I have been using inlay generator without any problems and then just added a font and saw this. My original peice is carved but when setting up the inlay is when I noticed this was not working.

Have you tried converting the font to a path?

You can try changing the correct one to the correct setting however i still had some size issues and needed to fit by hand. I know what you`re going through. its really weird because I still had a single letter saved and it still generates correctly but if I use the same font and letter but new it wont work. Really sucks when halfway done with a project and cant continue.

Is there not a fix for this yet? I’ve tried at least 3 different fonts with no luck

So far no additional word from inventables. Other than using a different font. It seems all the non PRO fonts still work. However I have not found any of the PRO that work. Ive tried everything I can think of so for now Im just using the standard fonts