Font trasfer from Inskape to Easel

Awhile back I had someone help me with getting a font from Inkscape into Easel and I have forgot the trick. It was something like, ctrl+alt+?? or maybe completely different, I just can’t remember. Can someone remind me??

CTRL+SHIFT+C if I remember correctly (Dont have Inkscape available right now)


I will try that tonight, thank you.



Ok, that’s not what I need (or is it). My problem is, Easel is very limited on text font. Inkscape how ever, I have thousands of fonts and after making whatever I need, Easel does not take the font it just makes a empty box. In the past I’ve transferred my “design” from inkscape to easel by a combination of keys. It was some time ago and my memory kinda sucks. Is it the Object to Path that does this???

Object to path should take your text and make actual curves out of it, so you don’t need the font to get it into Easel. You cannot eidt it as text after the fact, but that’s how you get text with specialized fonts to an application that doesn’t have those fonts.

I understand thank you. Thank you to everyone!!