Fonts not cutting correctly

Can anyone help with why this is happened?

It looks like you may have lost some steps during the carve…

What are you feeds & speeds? What is the wood type?


Brandon Parker

I concur, the steppers are loosing steps.
What machine?

Pine board
Not sure speeds I’ve never messed with any of that.

3018 pro

Okay - your machine is loosing steps, question is why and answer can be many.

Loosing steps is a sign of insufficient torque, the cutter forces may be too large, a collar slipping, stepper drivers running too hot (cause a brief thermal shutdown period), something mechanically binding, bumping the machine into one of its extremes etc.

I’m a total beginner with this
I was hoping it was an easy fix
Thanks for the info

@HaldorLonningdal newb here to having the same issue in a 3018. Any guidance or direction you could put in in to start investigating where this failure is occurring?

The OP had an issue of loosing steps, typically caused by going too deep & too fast.

On your 3018 (I have one as well) this is a rather common issue too. You’ll want to limit your depth per pass to 0.5mm or less and feed rate to 700mm/min and plunge to 100mm/min.

If these settings are close to yours when you have the issue, can you provide the project share link? (Go to projects>share and change it from private to unlisted and copy the link…)