FOR SALE: 1000M X-Carve Fully Assembled in Minnesota

I purchased our X-Carve in July 2020.
It has 36 hours of use on it, so it has hardly been used. Works perfectly. Asking $1,000

It comes with all the accessories-
Dewalt Router, Dust Control System, Home Switch Kit, Digital Calipers, Toolkit, Clamp Set, V-Carving Bits, Bit Set for Wood & Plastic.
We also made a nice cabinet that it is mounted to and allows for easy use that can be taken with the X-Carve.
Looking for someone who would like to pick it up. Would prefer not to ship.
We are located in Southern, Minnesota

Could I come and look at this and what about the software?

Where are you located?

Hello Barbara! Yes you sure can. I believe our access to Easel Pro expires in February.

We are located in Dodge Center, MN.

Dodge Center, MN