For Sale 1000mm in North Carolina

I am selling my 1000mm machine. It is one of the first ones that came out. Works good. You will need to make or buy your own wast board.

You might consider posting an asking price along with some images of the machine to peak more interest.


Brandon Parker

Thank you. It has just been one of those days.

I definitely know how that feels…


Brandon Parker

Where are you located in North Carolina, and what are you asking for the machine?

IS this still available? -Owen

Sorry for the delay we had a family emergency. $575 Kings Mountain NC

Yes $575 Located in Kings Mountain NC.

I’m located in Charlotte. DO have any pictures? And list of everything that it comes with?

Yes but not with me, I will post them after I get home about 630pm. Or text them. My number is 704 406 7798.

My number is 8289647936. If everything checks out could I come by this weekend or meet somewhere?

Do you still have this?

The item is sold. Thank you