For sale: 1000mm X Carve Atlanta

Looking to get $1350 for it. It is fully assembled. I bought it thinking I’d get good use out of it even though it’s kept at a friend’s detached garage. Unfortunately I don’t get over there often, and when I do i have other woodworking projects to work on. Haven’t touched it in months :frowning:

ACME z axis screw
-NEMA 23 motors
-Dewalt 611
-Arduino/gshield Motion Controller
-Power Supply
-Drag Chain
-Limit Switches
-Tool Kit
-Carve Clamp Set
-End Mill Starter Set, includes five 1/8" shank w/ 1/32", 1/16", and 1/8" diameters

Includes a wasteboard that I cut myself, as well as a spare that is already cut to size.

Is it still available and can you send pictures? My email is

Still available?
More info and pictures if possible please

What part of Atlanta are you in? I’m in Birmingham.

is this from 2016?