For Sale - 1000x1000 Xcarve with upgrades - Ohio

Bought new in March 2018. Built with extruded aluminum bed with mdf strips on top. ($350 value.)
Other improvements include SuckIt dust shoe, Y-axis stiffeners and 1" risers, vwheel dust covers.
Also included is custom made torsion box topped cart with heavy duty casters and 2-1/2" flexible hose with overhead support. Will include some bits and z-probe. Does not include computer.
Works great!
Pickup in central Ohio. No shipping available. $2000

Selling only because I needed a larger format cnc.
IMG_3881.HEIC (1.1 MB) IMG_3882.HEIC (933.7 KB)

Hey Brian! I’m interested but I can’t open your image files. Do you have any .jpg images or anything else you could upload? Or you can email me at Thanks!

Hey Brian… is this still available? Live in Columbus. Thanks.

Sorry! This sold and I forgot to mark it as such here.