For Sale: 2.2kW water cooled spindle w/VFD - Missouri

I’ve decided to ditch the hassle of water cooling on my machine, so I’m selling the water-cooled spindle that I have.

It’s your basic Chinese spindle with Huanyang inverter, 110V version.

2.2kW model with ER20 collet, purchased new on Ebay less than 30 days ago. The stock compression fittings have been replaced with 3/8 barb fittings. VFD has front-mounted speed control knob. Comes with only a single 1/8" collet. A 13-piece set can be had here for $24.

Currently mounted on my machine, pics here.

Paid $390 for this set on 4/28/18, yours for $300.

I can also throw in a second (non-identical, Huanyang knock-off) VFD that I let the magic smoke out of for parts if you want it.

Price does not include shipping.

Hit me up with any questions!

Interested, would like to see. I live about 2 miles East of Springfield.

Excellent! The 1.5kW is pending sale but the 2.2 is available. When did you want to come see it?

I’m in south central Springfield.

(I’ve already pulled the water loop off of the machine but we could still run the spindle briefly)

Sad, was more interested in the 1.5kW if that falls through give me a call 827-5501. Seems to be a lot of CNC people in the area we need to have a get together at some point.

Will you like to trade for 1.5KW 110V Air Cooled Spindle and a VFD. The spindle and the VFD are unused.

I’ve actually already bought a 2.2kW air cooled spindle, but thanks!

Do you still have the faulty VFD? I am interested in it. Thanks.

Is the faulty VFD for sale too?

@FelixKotey I have a complete water cooled 2.2Kw 220v ER20 Spindle w heat exchanger that I need to trade for a 110v air cooled 1.5Kw so I can move it inside to do dragbit engraving on acrylic…you still interested in trading?

I have sold the spindle. Thanks

thanks anyway