For Sale - 500 MM X-Carve

I have a two month old 500 X 500 mm X- Carve I am selling or trading . I upgraded to the 1000 X 1000 mm model.I am asking $1000 shipped for i or trade for a item of equal value. I accept paypal and will ship by UPS. If interested please let me know

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Hi! Where are you located? I am from Sweden so I was wondering if international shipping is possible! And maybe a picture, that is always nice! :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff. Is this still available?

good morning, i am in southern indiana. are close to me. i guss first, is this still for sale

Yes, I still have the machine

Yes I still have the machine

Is the 500 mm X carve still for sale. If so please advise.
Thanks Jim W.

Yes I still have it, Jeff

sorry if this is a duplicate, but I still have the machine

Juast checking if still available? Location


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