For Sale: Barely Used Carvey, $2000 With Accessories - NYC

Love the Carvey but I’ve only used it twice. My workspace is much too small to have something taking up so much room if Im not using it weekly. Great condition. Maybe 2-3 hours on the machine.

I have the add on Clamp Set for 3D Carving, Copper PCB plates, 1/8” Bit Set for V-Carving and the Inventables Carving Bit Super Pack. Still have original box and everything else it came with.

Originally paid just under $2600 for everything.

Pick up strongly preferred.


Still for sale?

is your carvey still for sale

Yup. Still have it, probably only used it 5 times since I made this post. Still in perfect condition.

I would like to see some pictures. I do not need anything in the accessories box, it the router (no acdc , bits, wood base, I don’t need any of these. ) Just need the box with motor drives and clean glass. I have a spare shipping box if you don’t have the original. Would you take $1500 and split the shipping costs. 8184160768

Matt, I sent you several messages to your private Email. Please look through your spam. under onebadcowboy at gmail com… We are interested.

Replied to your email a couple of hours ago.