For Sale: Brand New Never opened XCarve PRO 4*4

Hey Guys,
I purchased an XCarve Pro 4*4 a while back when they were on presale and never got around even opening the box. (still on the palette, wrapped and ready to ship/picked up).
(Reason: We went from 0 to 2 kids in 18 months).

I’m willing to sell it for what I got it for, my total was $7151, which is an awesome deal for a brand new machine, and how much they go for right now, almost 10k.

I’m in Seattle so a pick-up would be much easier obviously, otherwise, if you guys figure out something, let’s make it happen.

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Hi Latif-
I am interested in the unit. Can you discuss via phone? Does it come with the Easel subscription? (sorry I havent figured out if there is a PM to exchange contact info)


Hi Latif - I am interested, shoot me an email nicholas.steele at gmail dot com

Are you willing to ship it?

Hey Paul,
I’m in Seattle so if you are in the area a pick-up would definitely be best.
Otherwise there are services like from where you can get shipping quotes.
I would not be coordinating (because of lack of time) that but would be available for any required appointments or such.

PS: for anyone interested, here are some pictures:

Can you please provide dimensions and weight so I can get some shipping quotes?

Weight is I’d say 250lbs maybe less.
Dimensions of the box: 5’8 * 2’6 * 1’10.

I will be including 2 packages on top of that too that could rest on top of the machine during shipment.
these are the new wasteboard with T-slots that inventables upgraded us to at some point.

Hi, is the X-carve pro still available? Interested and can pick up. Thanks- Robert

Hey Robert,
Not sure if you saw my message but yes it is still available.

Still available?

Hi James,
yes it is still available.