For Sale: Brand New Never opened XCarve PRO 4*4

Hey Guys,
I purchased an XCarve Pro 4*4 a while back when they were on presale and never got around even opening the box. (still on the palette, wrapped and ready to ship/picked up).
(Reason: We went from 0 to 2 kids in 18 months).

I’m willing to sell it for what I got it for, my total was $7151, which is an awesome deal for a brand new machine, and how much they go for right now, almost 10k.

I’m in Seattle so a pick-up would be much easier obviously, otherwise, if you guys figure out something, let’s make it happen.

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Hi Latif-
I am interested in the unit. Can you discuss via phone? Does it come with the Easel subscription? (sorry I havent figured out if there is a PM to exchange contact info)


Hi Latif - I am interested, shoot me an email nicholas.steele at gmail dot com

Are you willing to ship it?

Hey Paul,
I’m in Seattle so if you are in the area a pick-up would definitely be best.
Otherwise there are services like from where you can get shipping quotes.
I would not be coordinating (because of lack of time) that but would be available for any required appointments or such.

PS: for anyone interested, here are some pictures:

Can you please provide dimensions and weight so I can get some shipping quotes?

Weight is I’d say 250lbs maybe less.
Dimensions of the box: 5’8 * 2’6 * 1’10.

I will be including 2 packages on top of that too that could rest on top of the machine during shipment.
these are the new wasteboard with T-slots that inventables upgraded us to at some point.

Hi, is the X-carve pro still available? Interested and can pick up. Thanks- Robert

Hey Robert,
Not sure if you saw my message but yes it is still available.

Still available?

Hi James,
yes it is still available.

Hey there, I see that at the last post in April the x Carve Pro was still available. Did you find anyone to buy it or is it still available?

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Hi Mike,
I got interests here and there but nobody pulled the trigger yet so it is still available.

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Ok, I just realized that you are in Seattle. I am on the east coast in PA. and already have a 4x4 Pro but I may be looking for another one. That’s a mighty long distance for a pick up. LOL!
Is there any way to message/ email you directly to possibly discuss further.
Also, congratulations on the 2 new additions to your family.

Hey Michael,
Sorry to respond so late, was down for the count with Covid.
Will dm my phone number.

  • Latif

Hey sir, I am in a similar situation as the original seller. I haven’t opened the XCP but I did take it off the pallet. We just moved to to the DC area and willing to drive. We just don’t have space here. If you are interested in purchasing, please let me know.

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Sorry James for my delay in responding. Life… it sometimes throws you curve balls…!
Is this still available? If so can you send photos? When did you buy it? Do you know if it has the Dewalt router or the Air cooled spindle? I think you said it was the 4X4 X Carve Pro? What are you asking for it?


What is asking and what about software? How much to ship to Iowa

Do you still have the pro? Any accessories?
Mike 423 316-0310