For sale: Jtech 3.8w laser, 2.5A driver

Evening ladies and gents,
I’m looking to sell my jtech laser, looking for $400. Very minimal hours, I bought it hoping to cut hobby plywood but just didn’t find it practical. Comes with everything in the combo kit plus an extra cooling fan that is wired in parallel with the included one.
Happy to post pictures if requested.

Pictures please

Not pictured: Power supply for the driver (which will of course be included, just don’t feel like pulling it out of the drag chain until I have a buyer lined up) I also have the 3-d printed mount for the driver, but not the laser.

What made it not practical?

For me it was the type of wood I had hoped to cut. I didn’t do my research as thoroughly as I should have, and so didn’t find out until I tried myself that the glue that holds plywood together can often limit any cutting ability. Balsa, other solid woods should be fine, plywood not so much.