For the love of god help before the wife whips my **&%

I needed a hobby and went and bought the cnc 3018 pro. I set it up perfect. All works great if I could only get it to carve me something :roll_eyes: So I have a image that I imported using image trace. I set all the parameters. Size and type of wood. 10 by 8 by .125 thick, Bit is 1/8 speed rate 24 in/min, plunge rate 9 in/min, depth per pass 0.04 in, Cut on shape path. Moved the image to the bottom left corner and hit carve. Confirm thickness, confirm fully secure, Confirm bit size. pushed used new position and clicked on raise bit. Now all hell breaks loose. It ask to confirm spindle on and it isn’t. I can’t get out of the screen to turn it on. So I just click confirm and it starts to carve. It actually doesn’t carve but makes all the correct moves of carving in the air. The spindle doesn’t move down to the wood. It’s air carving…lol the bad thing is the wife came out as it was air carving…and she thinks I don’t know what hell I’m doing. I told she’s crazy. Truth is I haven’t a clue…lol I need to carve something fast. Men we need to stick together and help me. Need your advice and skills cause I’m not going back in the house until I have something carved, cut, burnt whatever it takes…lol. I’ll never hear the end of it. Hope to hear from you.

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Did you set your Z-zero?
Before you raised the bit, was the bit touching your workpiece?

Hi Neil, no I didn’t do anything like that. What does that mean. Sorry I’m really new to the machine.

Ahh yes I see it now. I had to move the bit to the front bottom and lower the bit to the surface. I would imagine that this would set parameters so that it knows how high and deep to carve. But would my spindle turn on automatically because it doesn’t seem to turn on when it asks to confirm its on.

I haven’t used Easel in a long time, but there is a screen that asks you to confirm your work zero (Easel calls it the “Home Position”). You set jog until the endmill is, typically, centered on the front left corner and touching the surface of your workpiece.
Confirm and go.

There is a setting under “Machine” for automatic spindle…maybe under Advanced.

Like I said, I’m not a frequent Easel user…maybe someone else can chime in there.

Perfect thank you Neil your the best.

Now, if I could just get you to tell that to my wife! :wink:

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Some basics:

  • The 3018 is an open-loop CNC router, there is no positional feedback to the controller of its actual position. So you need a reference point.
  • The main reference point will be your designated work zero point, with Easel the work zero will always be at the X/Y0 grid point and on top of material. Work zero = Home Position which you need to confirm.
  • Work zero can be anywhere within the reachable space of your machine.

So for the machine to carve where you want it you need to place the router bit at the correct position, so the position of your design (in Easel) match the position of your work piece.

Default is lower left corner of material :slight_smile:

Perfect Haldor, really appreciate your help. Trying it out now.