For those who are interested: How to setup the X-Carve Pro

Goto the link address above. It’s the site with the instructions on how to set it up.

I will say, the package it comes with is very nice. Torque wrenches, allens, Levels, square, etc. Literally every tool you need to build the machine.

Although some of the tools do feel a little cheap, they all do their jobs and haven’t failed me yet.

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Even though my unit won’t arrive for a few more months, I am pretty confident I’ll be able to assemble it after reading through these instructions and watching these videos.
Well Done, Inventables!

I ran into a slight issue tensioning the belts.

The example was: “We’re looking for something similar to that of a guitar string.”
I guess that would’ve been helpful if i’ve ever played/touched a guitar.
Since I haven’t, this picture helped:

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The build was really a joy, their instructions are clear and easy to follow. Be a little careful in that the last few steps of squaring the Y2 rail and tightening the cross members happen after you run the machine setup in Easel. Do assume anything and tighten them before you are instructed to do so. So if you are following the online instructions you will be stuck until your computer can connect with Easel and X-Carve Pro.

I had the connect problem, Jenna at the Help Desk straightened me out!!