For you V-carve Users Pro Tip

Hey everyone this is a video that I put together for my V-Carve Pro Quick Tip series

It is showing how to change the tolerance setting for your specific cnc router

I know that the x-carve could benefit greatly from changing this setting so the machine is not trying to process so much information you might see substansile differences in the way that the machine runs and cuts

Check it out let me know what you think


Nice tip Evann, I’ve already changed. Let see what’s gonna happen on next carving. Thanks.

I for one, can use all the help I can get. I presume that this will work in Aspire, since that is a Vectric product as well?


hey thanks alan yeah my machine seems to be running smooth and my Ethernet smooth stepper is having alot less data that it has to read


of yeah it should should work just the same in Aspire just make sure and set it to your specific machine and the job you are doing it could be anywhere from .005-.010"

Nice keep em coming… :smiley: