Foray into Aluminium work

Chaps, got a commission for some ally work, will be using 6061 3.175 mm to fashion a couple of things for my client.

I am looking for advice on;

  1. Tooling to consider, flutes etc. the design is not that intricate with a couple of cut outs
  2. Toolspeed vs feed rate etc
  3. Lubricant, slurry vs air
  4. Anything else I may have missed

1 - 1F or 2F upcut bits for cut through, 1/8" or larger. Fewer flutes = more room for chip to evacuate.
For engraving I dont know as I havent done much of that.

2 - Totally dependant on what tool, number of flutes and RPM you wish to use.
Minimum RPM should be fine.

3 - Whatever you have, air blast, mister, occational squirt of WD40, flood.
Alu like some kind of lubricant but its not a requirement, but cut quality will be better with.


if you plan to engrave with steep angle V-bit: in my experience some lube is essential. Otherwise tool rubs and breaks easily.