Force Roughing Pass (Inkscape)

I just started cutting today and everything went great with a single bit cut. I imported my inkscape svg and it cut like a pro (actually it missed some lines but that is a different topic that I will try to figure out on my own).

Now I am trying to do a design with concentric circles with some text on them and two pass cutting.

The circles just need to be 1/8" single pass cuts with my roughing bit and the text needs to be completed with a detail pass. I can not get easel to want to cut the circles with the roughing bit though. I have tried multiple ways of creating the svg to do it.

I have tried:

A larger filled circle with a smaller inner circle outline and difference them.

Two outline circles and filling the space in between.

A single outline circle setting the stroke width and doing stroke to path. This one was the most successful if I set the path width to .2" it would do it all with the roughing pass and clean up with the detail.

I just want 1/8" circles though with no detail pass on them. What am I missing? Everything easel generates will take all day to cut when it should be less than an hour for the roughing.

easel only treats open areas as qualified for roughing passes (a bit annoying), so single width outlines won’t process that way.

To get around this you can duplicate the workpiece at the bottom of easel, remove the lines you want cut with the first bit from the new copy and remove the lines you want cut with the second bit from the original workpiece. (you can actually do multiple bit changes this way). then run each bit/workpiece separately

Thanks, I guess I will do it that way. I tied to make it an open area by making two circles and filling between them, but I guess that wasn’t good enough.

Now I just have to get bit changes down without moving either axis.

Hi SephBain,

I believe you may alleviate your issue by using the drill option instead of following a path, this makes a hole in the indicated location in a similar fashion as the function called “peck drilling”. As you mention that you are trying to get 1/8" circles (Holes?) this will allow you to get plunge the end mill straight down. Otherwise if you want to cut a path, the smallest circle that Easel can cut is a .132" when a 1/8 end mill is being used.

You can change bits all day long without any concerns about loosing your staring point all you need to do is use a set of calipers to reference the X and Y saddles form the gantry beam to the mounting end plate and you will always be able to find you way back.

Hope this help.