Force Xcarve to use smaller than actual bit size

Carving a design where some lines are too small for a 1/16" bit to carve out. I don’t have a smaller bit at the moment, so I wonder what would happen if I just tell Easel to use a custom bit size of .03". The ‘preview’ accepts and looks like it will carve everything out, but what will it really look like to tell it one size and use another?

Well, let’s hope it still looks ok. I’m cutting in 5 mins, I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks Phil!

Post a picture

Doesn’t look too bad. I used a 1/16" bit at .03" bit size. Missed two eyes and the upcut bit pulled some of the top layer off. It’s that white erase board over mdf. The 'A’s also lost their innards. Oh, this layer is glued to a clear acrylic layer. I am hoping to backlight it with LEDs and make a shadow box kinda display. At least the idea looks good in my head. :wink:

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Or a tapered bit. Or a downspiral bit. Or a downspiral tapered bit?