Foreign Object in Easel

I cut a two stage carve. All went well. I decided to recut a very small section (3 minute carve) with a slightly smaller bit. I set all the other components to zero, and the small section at the new bit size. The simulation showed a new (and unadded by me) segment to carve well off the workspace toward the bottom. I have no idea where it came from, nor can I get rid of it. I have deleted each component one at a time, but the cliff hanger remains. Any ideas?

Can you share the project?

I can’t share it. I deleted it after it cut and I fiddled with it. Just thought maybe someone had had something similar. No big deal. If it happens again I’ll share it before I delete it. Should have thought of that this time.

See, that’s where we differ. I’ll come right out and say it was aliens