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I am brand new to CNC woodworking and I understand how to set zero to the center of your workpiece but I am not understanding exactly what the benefit is to doing so? What is the reason to do this rather than using the actual machine zero for x and y axes? Any input will be greatly appreciated!

The main advantage is to ensure your design is centered on your stock.


Exactly as Neil stated… Lets say you didn’t measure the stock perfectly, or the CNC movement is not calibrated perfectly. then the design will end up carved offset a bit, where as if center is used, then the project is still centered properly.

Yes calibrating properly is a better answer, but many cnc owners do not know how to do this.

Some other advantages of using center is that the spindle can easily avoid clamps that may be necessary in the front left corner to hold the stock securely
Additionally, Z zero can be set using the middle of the board when using Easel as the gcode sender

I often center from the workpiece because it’s easy to find the center of the board by drawing two diagonals from the corners.

In the case of two sided machining, it is also handy because if you center from a corner, the board needs to have the exact dimensions that your design piece has otherwise the two sides won’t be in registration.

Some of the other users advocated center zero for engraving an image in the bottom of an existing wooden tray.

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Thank you for the reply! That makes perfect sense. I appreciate your help!

Thank you for the info you all have helped clear this up for me! I didn’t consider the fact that even if putting it at the machine zero that calibration could be slightly off and skew your carve. So zeroing on the workpiece center it is for me! Thank you for your help!

Thank you sir for your input! I plan on making trays with engravings so this is very helpful! I truly appreciate your help!

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Oh heres how I do that sort of engraved tray thing… :grin:

The multiple workpiece tactic works great to control what bit is used for which part of the design.

Hey, thanks! Watching this now!

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I have a French Bulldog. I may have to make a tray.

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if you click the “youtube” in that preview it will open the video over in YouTube in another window, In the Description of that video I included the SVG for the French Bulldog to make it even easier to replicate the steps using the same exact SVG :+1: There are also a few good ones in the design library as well

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