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Hi I am very frustrated with file conversations. I am not the best on computers, I use aspire free version and easel basic setup, I can’t warrant paying out as this is a hobby. I want to convert a CRV file to SVG so it will run on basic easel. I’ve tried a lot of things but none have worked out well, any help please. Thanks kas

From what I read, Aspire can export your file as a DXF and STL formats. Easel will accept DXF files. It’s on the left. Inkscape is a program that can convert files to SVG. If you are doing 3D, you may want to convert the STL in another program. I use Meshcam for that and have used Cura for my 3d printer.

Easel will accept Gcode from other programs. You need to find a generic post processor so that the gcode is compatible and not including codes that GRBL doesn’t like.

dxf format

.crv is proprietary to Vectric and the free version of Aspire might not have the ability to save as… Vectric makes a whole suite of other software for hobbyists that might be more in line with your budget. Depending on the complexity of your design you might be able to achieve the same results using other software that is very low cost, or free.

It appears you are correct.


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Thanks chaps for your help. I have tried most things I can think off. I will have to continue looking for an alternative program thanks.