Formica ... the new plastic...?

Hey, I just discovered formica as a viable, cool, material. Don’t know why I don’t see many projects with this but just wanted to point out that its a great material for stuff like this:

Just my 2 cents…


So what you’re saying is, You have found a use for old counter tops or those “pre-made” or left over ones at the home improvement stores?

Not the tops but the laminate that’s glued to them. Some interesting designs and colors out there if you can find a good source.

In case on the photo I glued it to a 1/8th inch sheet of ash (I think). But I am trying it on 1/4 ply now and its fine. My goal was to have a little edge around the color that I could sand/stain to whatever color I want.

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You could glue it on the ply and run a v-bit around the edge to reveal the substrate and have a nice even edge around the piece.

I think I may have to make a couple pick guards…interesting, very interesting!

I have had a lot of success rubber cementing this to wood and then making the shape you want and peeling it off after it’s done

Maybe. I’ll give it a shot

John, thanks for sharing. I will be purchasing an Xcarve at the start of the year and am really excited about it. I want to cut out small, detailed shapes (a ring disk, like a 1" washer shape, for example) out of plastic laminate sheets like Formica. What bits would you recommend I include or purchase? With a little research I am doing this morning, I am a little confused. Upcut? Downcut? Plastic laminate is a lot tougher than most plastics so it is hard to sort through searches and find good, applicable information. Is there a FAQ guide for bits and applicable materials? Thanks in advance.