Forum go to top button

In the forums can you please put a goto top button.
:slight_smile: Also the top section of the page where you have the menus should not scroll away.

While I agree, a quick workaround is to click the thread title, it jumps to the top of the thread.

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Clicking on the original post date on the date slider on the right also takes you to the top.


Just press the “Home” key on the key board


Now that is using your noggin

Can’t win them all :slight_smile:

Sure, but programming it would take longer than just doing it yourself.

Just an aside for @StephenCook and others, the forum is actually a separate piece of (open source) software called Discourse. We do not do any code work on it, just use it as-is. I’m going to move this thread to the “Meta” category since it is not related to Easel.