Forum help trouble shooting and thank you's

Where this needs to go i am not sure but hopefully the right folks will catch a glimpse and take a bow !! I have had my Xcarve since April 5th (happy birthday to me !) yes my wife luvs me lol
I trolled around the forums and the net prior and still do since my experience CNC is very limited. I am a wood worker trying new tools !! I have had a few minor issues in the beginning but very fixable ones simply by doing a little research. There are a couple folks on here who have saved from disaster and don’t even know it LOL thank you Phil Johnson and Tim Miller !! my most recent experience was a first time project with Aspire and running through picsender (hence tim miller) your video was almost dummy proof. Everything was great until i forgot to check my x and y steps before i tried to jog the machine and buried the the Z axis and sent the cradle to the depths of the equator. After that the machine would barely move or home ! turns out when i went rambo on the E button at that time something messed up in grbl !! found a post compared my g code settings and bammm found X and Y steps were 0 !! any how a quick fix 4 hours later and I am back up.
Essntially this is a long winded thank you to folks who dont even realize they helped

A couple of pics from my easel learning days to share as well

Thank you


Super nice, and great use of interesting wood grain. Really pops!

I especially like the turtle and the camping one with “sit around the campfire, eat smores” etc. on it.

Were these done by way of carve, spray paint, sand, seal?

Great designs, well executed.

Wow, really nice work Donald. Glad we were able to help. Looks like you’re off and running now!

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carved airbrushed on the paint so less overspray, sanded then poly.

Now if i can just get the hang of Aspire I think I could really have some fun. I’m having trouble inporting images and editing them but in sure im missing something. I have watched lots of tutorials but am wondering does anyone have a good suggestion for a good tutorial ?

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