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Just a thing, I think there should be a Forum link on the Homepage. I have to either go through notifications or the xcarve page to find the forums :slight_smile: A link on the homepage would be nice


I agree, I always have to go to the X-Carve page, scroll down and click on forums. A link on the home page would be convenient

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I agree, but are you guys saying you don’t have it bookmarked yet? :wink:

I don’t tend to bookmark things I use often, I really should though. Might just have to set it to my homepage :smiley:

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I just leave the forums page open on my laptop and phone. I think I have read just about every single post, posted on the forums.


We are working on a way to do this. In the interim what do you think of the change I just made?

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that works perfectly haha thank you @Zach_Kaplan

As usual the response time around here is incredible. Less then 20 minutes from a sugestion to a change on the home page, unbelievable.

Perfect thank you! I am so glad I went with an Xcarve, I have never experienced customer service like this. I love it

Love it I was thinking the same thing. Just another way to make the community better.

The new Nav bar at the top of the site is awesome! I had noticed it was a bit cumbersome to navigate to the forum or the project, this solves that!


The customer service I have seen reported on this forum is the main reason I ordered an X-Carve versus some of the “other” new upstarts and kits currently available. I’m sure I could have saved money initially buying something else but having to deal with little if any customer support was not worth the cost savings!

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Me too! Literally the best company ever.


You all are too kind :blush:

P.S. I think this topic belongs in /meta, so I’ll move it there.

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Kudos for the new nav bar that goes site wide. It gives added functionality without cluttering up the interface. I know how it is tricky sometimes to find that sweet spot and to employment it across multiple sections of a site consistently. Well done.