Fossil project idea?

Try creating a new rectangular body in Fusion, then use the brep as a cutting tool to split the body. Then you can CAM the body.

ha, you lost me there. im learning as i go so its kind of a click and see if it works approach

cheap little 30 degree engraving bit

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This has been my project for the day, so far it has been carving the detail pass for about 5 hours.


It is about 14x9.

Here it is fresh off the table. This is cut into an old piece of pine to see how it would come out.


Has anyone used Rustoleum stone texture paint? Would it completly obscure all the detail?

this is frustrating to see all this. i want to make a damn trilobite, but gave up on getting the STL to work in fusion. came close, but its beyond my abilities.

It is starting to look a bit like a fossil


ive tried, no luck. im still pretty green on the computer part of all this. ill work on it again down
the line. i had the triangles down, and converted to polygons, but it still didnt like it, just cant get the tool paths

ill work on some screenshots, but i kinda started this thread…ha


phil!!! i saw your post on the pumpkin post. i can get the tool paths to work now!!!

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yup. it will let me do the STL mesh of triangles, but not the quads…ha. next hurdle will be seeing if my crappy home computer will be able to handle the workload…its a struggle

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FYI fusion has added a mesh workspace now. so you can manipulate the mesh in fusion and not have to use meshmixer or blender to reduce facets.

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You can also fix meshes with Netfabb.
Its free and has a ton of nice tools for STL files.
Other than that I have several tools and can fix just about any mesh. even turn quads into tri’s.

I have it too.
I love how it handles the vectors where you can make a job that is 2 parts.
One vbit and another is straight end mill in just one setting. It separates the passes for you.

Have you mastered it yet?

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Take a look at the combine mode in the modeling tab. Switching from add to subtract will turn a dome into a bowl.

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