Found best cheap touch tablet PC for xcarve

I’ve been looking for a good shop machine to replace my much more expensive heavy laptop that i have to drag back and forth from my office to workshop.

So I wanted to share a gem of a PC I got off amazon. The iRulu Walknbook is full windows machine in tablet form for $200. It’s fanless, fast enough to run windows 10. I’ve been using easel and chilipepper on it and have been pretty amazed so far.

Do a search on amazon or ebay for ‘irulu walknbook’. It’s $200 for a SurfacePro like device that runs full windows (comes with win8.1,but free upgrade to win10).

wow that seems pretty cool. wonder if it will run things like vectric aspire?

Vectric aspire has been having issues in Windows 10 from what I can see. It needs the c++ 2010 witch is not installable on Windows 10 for some odd reason

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Found some machines on amazon and at the local big box store that were asus and acer brands for very similar prices. Dont know how they compare spec wise but $200ish seems pretty common price

These look good.

I only need a computer to run Easel or Chilipepr in the shop as I do my designs in the house.

But being able to also run some Windows tools actually in the shop, e.g. F-Engrave, laser software etc. would be excellent while testing out bits and materials.

I currently use my Macbook in the shop but don’t like doing so as I’m concerned about dust, carrying it in and out plus charger.

I’m definitely looking into this.



im considering getting one or one like it as well. i have been dragging my huge laptop out to the shop everyday to do cnc stuff. i might get one of these for the house and just keep the laptop in the shop. only issue for me would not being able to design stuff on it in the house but i could always just bring the laptop inside if i wanted to do so. wish i knew if win10 was really any good

win 10 is pretty good, no issues so far. got inkscape, meshcam, qcalc, chilipeppr, easel, etc to work fine. much better than win8.

better check if you can run the serial USB connection to the arduino via USB 3.0. i had issues with my Plotter on my surface pro. it has one USB port and its 3.0…

You guys might take a look at the WinBook TW100 also ($180). I’m using one to run my DaVinci 2.0 printer and Nomad 883. I plan on using it for my impending X-Carve as well :smile:

I put up a video a few weeks ago showing it running the Nomad.

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The deals are out there. I found a refurbed eight inch Windows 8.1 tablet on Amazon for $35.00. It is a quad core machine. I was able to connect it to an external monitor and keyboard which took up almost no real estate. I have since updated it to Win 10 and having a blast. Running all my CNC software without a hitch.