[Found em!] AURG! Self Tapping Screws... where are you!

Everything was going smooth on my build today (xmas eve) until i got to the Gantry section. When i opened up my 1000mm rail kit i don’t see any self tapping screws :cold_sweat:. In the rail kit parts package i only have the GT2 belts, Extrusion Brackets, M5x10mm button head cap screws & T-slot nuts M5.

Are the self tapping screws somewhere else in the kit?

So much for my X-Carve X-Mas build (Insert laying on the ground temper tantrum emoji)

Christmas Miracle!!

I found them… DOH! They are in the core components box not with the Rail Kit :smile:

… Santa should probably lay off the eggnog while building.


@BrianM sorry for the stress on that!

I actually thought my dog may have eaten them… since he had his nose all over the rail kit while i was cutting the bubble wrap off.

I’m glad i kept looking… because the next step was to start digging through his :hankey: looking for the bag :smile:

Quick tip: I suggest using gloves when you are tapping the holes. Some people reported it was hard on their hands. Also be sure to use tapping fluid.

I didn’t have any Tapping Fluid so i used some Corrosion-X i had laying around. I also used a large folding hex set and they went in like butter. I think the large/thick hand grip on the hex set gave a little better leverage then the T-bar handle wrench i tried.

It’s been about a week but i thought i’d post an update…

Everything seems to be working fine… Just need to finish up the table i built to hold the x-carve and re-clean the wood shop :grinning:

I should be able to try out some fancy vcaving tomorrow to give it a real test.

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Funny you say that. I got a horrible blister, that got aggravated over and over afterwards doing other things. It’s still scarred after 4 months.