Found part on table

Hello everyone… I just found this under my router and arm. so until I discover where it came from… I am down and not running. Can anyone guess to guide me where it is from or a direction to start? This is a very new 2 month old machine. I am at a lost as to this small and it is small nut.



Not sure but i would check and see if all the wheels have the washer and nut on them.

Thanks Wayne, but after further checking… there is nothing this small on anything we put together. I am afraid it is from the Dewalt moter. Last night I smelt something like electrical smell but husband had just stoked up the wood stove so I was not sure.

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Check the homing switch on the z or x axis


Or the jam nut for the Z limit (hard stop)

X axis carriage

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I will check when I get back home. I just don’t remember any nuts this small in putting this together. It seems smaller than anything else. But you never know… Thanks guys!

They belong to the X axis limit switch. When mine fell off I didn’t put mine back on because the holes are threaded and didn’t need the nuts to secure the limit switch.
Good Luck Russell