Fox Alien 12v PWM 20w Laser

Is there a way to connect a 12v PWM Diode laser to the xcarve controller? The input in 12v 2A…I was thinking i needed an additional 12 power supply and some how use the Spindle pwn output on the controller to control the laser? I just dont want to concet the new laser to the PWM output and fry the laser. Any help appreciated

Personally, I would put the laser on its own power supply.

Typically, in order for the PWM from the X-Controller to be sent to any other type of powered device, you have to ensure that the X-Controller GND and the GND of the laser’s control circuitry are connected that way the voltages will be at the same ground potential.

Do you have a wiring schematic and/or directions provided from the manufacturer about how the laser should be hooked up?


Brandon Parker

I don’t have a schematic, it’s a fox alien laser. A user from their forum indicated the 3 wires coming from the laser driver are 12v/ground/PWM. He seems to think that the 12v and ground should come from the external power supply. And the PWM wire should go to the xcontroller. But I would think that the ground from the power supply and the ground from the controller need to be connected, but I have no clue. I’m hesitant, i don’t want to cause damage to the x controller or the laser module

Nothing else to it.
Use a separate 12V supply for the laser (I’d use 12v 5a).
Tie the grounds together.
Pwm to pwm.

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