Foxx made Projects

Hey guys, I thought it would be time to show off some off my projects and create a place to continue in the near futur.
I have my xcarve for about a year, but only have time to occasionally use it.
Nonetheless I loveing it.

I hope a can give some little inspiration for some oute there and receive some constructive feedback.

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Family playing card box was my first ever carve


First acrylic sign projects


The reason I bought my x carve xD to make an iPhone stand for my dad. The slot is for the his phone so mine was to small but all I hade to show off


Some family gifts


A regular table sign for the table tennis club of parents in law ( the only item I made some money till now :stuck_out_tongue: )


My trusty corner finder
I was pretty impressed by cutting this on the stock 1000mm stock machine without any mods


New controller box with relay and buttons


Wow. I can only hope to be as talented as you. Everything so far looks pro level.
I especially like the matrix led sign. Although the m is a bit faded. Maybe its the picture or maybe that is by design. Which works. Keep it up. Look forward to seeing more.

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Big thanks @Devin

I’m by far no pro and in every project I find some flaws and learn from them :stuck_out_tongue: I recently found out that most of my bits aren’t meant tu plunge into materiel because they only have blades on the sides :sweat_smile:
The faded m of the led sign was because of an uneven waste board.

Bat that’s why I love this hobby I constantly learn new things and this community is a big part of the joy, I learn every day just by reading here even when I haven’t that much time on my machine.


I Love the matrix one! Thanks for sharing all of these.

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You did some really good work!

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Thanks @B_Man
I was quite surprised that the matrix one came out that way, I just converted an image from google with an online converter to an svg and imported into easel. It was a nightmare to work in this easel project because the svg was huge an probably super inefficient, and so Easley was super laggy and slow, but still quite happy with the end result.

Big thanks to you @TimVannaman

So unfortunately my x carve is still in hibernation. But a cake around to finish some pieces already carved.

These are going to be the nameplates for my wedding guests. Still a lot of projects have to be made for the wedding


Totally forgot to post the Christmas presents for my future wife. Probably the project I’m most proud of. This a board for a card game called poch(at least in Germany) I stumbled upon an similar board here in the forums but can’t find it. The recesses are done in fusion 360 and the playingcards and text are done in easel. The tray on the back is for coins used for playing. The burnmarks are do to a wrong bit that isn’t meant to cut down (just realized it at this project).


So has been a while since the last posted projects from me.
My first resin inlay. It was first a hughe failure but I will make a separate thread about the story.

My first silicon chocolate mold.
I carved the positiv in plywood and then spray painted it with filler primer.
To make the mold I used food graded twoparted silicon. I haven’t made some chocolate with it but I will definitely try it out this weekend.

The leftover silicone was spreaded over my small avengers Aztec calendar

I will update with pictures of the chocolate


regarding the corner finder. Can you explain how this works? I despise trying to eyeball the corner and would love to hear if there’s a better way.

To be honest I really use to find x and y zero.
Most of the time I used for z in easel.
But I have some scripts to find all three zeros. I always need to adjust the scripts according to the bit diameter. I would need to search for them on my shop pc. I will try to remember to look for it on the weekend or try to find some here in the forum.