Free Days Now?

Hi Guys and Girls
Where is the Free Day button now?

If you signed up for Easel after July last year (24th was it?) then you have a single 30day free trial period.
If you signed up for Easel prior to that cut-off date then you have 4 free days pr month.

If you have purchased Easel Pro days then either they are expired or your design at this time do no contain any Pro elements.

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Hi Haldor Lonningdal
So what your saying is because i signed up 2021 05 29 what i have seen about 4 free days a month
is not true ?

Yes, that is what @HaldorLonningdal is saying.


So I used my YaroHome 3018 PRO for the first time in July 2020 I believe, using a V cut bit. 10 of these came with this gift from my wife, to make nameplates with for furniture I make for my kids. Now a year later, I’m realizing I need to purchase Pro to use the V bits?!!! I even purchased 1/32” DW 2 F bits, thinking they could do lettering, but they seem to large for the font. My nameplates are about 2” x 3”, with two lines. I hardly want to pay $20-$40 a year or monthly to make 1-2 nameplates. Am I misunderstanding something here? Thank you.

I don’t think so.

As someone who was an early adopter of the xcarve and seen what it’s become, I’m going to look at other options and pretty much get rid of easel and possibly even my xcarve as soon as possible.

I know you get four free days if you were an early adopter but I don’t use any of the pro features other than changing my mill bit to a 1/4” for large stuff. $20 a month so I can use things I’ve purchased irritates me and honestly with other changes inventables have made like the 10k xcarve… I think the market is going to sink them like a shipping vessel in World War II.

Just imagine what it’s going to be like when they tank. Then you won’t even have an option to run the “free” version. Make your exit strategy now before it’s made for you. Just my opinion.

I was going to spend some money on upgrades for mine and purchase them from inventables. I’d rather not support a company that honestly I feel sees me as a cash cow and will milk me in any way they can. I’m surprised they don’t start charging us by the hour when we cut projects.

Wonderful! Thank you for the heads up.

Changing bit to 1/4" (or any other straight bit diameter) do not require Easel Pro.

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for small amounts of designs the free days appear useful.

Unfortunately I don’t seem to have the free 4 days per month available to me. :rage:

Sorry about any confusion, after the 30 day trial (if your on a new account) then you’ll have the option to get Easel Pro or continue with normal Easel.

@PeteTurley1 if you’re not using any of the Pro features then you are good to go with just normal Easel like before. Let us know if you are running into any issues setting up the account.

Here is a full breakdown between Easel and Easel Pro: