Free days roll over

This is so off topic from my original post.

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Hey @JoeSimone there are so many different posts started on this topic it’s hard to keep up and keep it focused.

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I apologize for continuing the off-topic of this thread.

Back on course, is there a possibility for any level of roll over even if not 100%? What if like a max of 1 day per month can roll over with an expiration of that day being like 1-2 months later?

Kinda like rollover data or rollover minutes on cell phones. You don’t use them this month so you have them next month but then they expire after a month.

Hi @JustinBusby I’ll bring it to the team. It’s pretty complex to manage and we wanted to keep it simple.

I’m sorry for the confusion. The 4 days comes with any machine sold by Inventables currently or in the past. It’s for Inventables machine owners.

X-Carve hardware development has not slowed in favor or Easel Pro development. X-Carve work is primarily done by our hardware engineering team and Easel Pro was primarily done by our software engineering team. They work together but they have different people with different technical backgrounds.

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@JustinBusby I had a quick chat internally here and we aren’t going to be able to support the roll over days. We spent a lot of time working with the community, listening to feedback, and adjusting the original approach to the 4 day solution + $2.99 per day. At this point we are going to have the software engineering team focus on building the next set of features for both Easel and Easel Pro rather than time building a roll over system.

I appreciate the ideas though.


Apologize. Removed posts.

It’s all good.

Are your 4 free days on a calendar day or 24 hour day. What I mean is if I start carving at at 10pm on the 5th will my free day go to 10pm on the 6th giving 24 hours of carving. or if I start at 10pm on the 5th with my day end at 12:01 on the 6th only giving me 2 hours to carve?

1 free day = a 24hr window of carving. You will get a “count down” once a day is active.
I have carved a few minutes past the “24hr mark” and all went as normal, IIRC no additional day was required.