Free-Floating Cut-Shape Menu

Continuing the discussion from Lower the Cut-Shape Menu so that it doesn't interfere with Material Dimensions menu:

My issue with the Cut-Shape menu is similar to @RogerAndre’s: when I am zoomed in and working, the menu constantly gets in my way, covering up what I’m editing or something I need to see. It shows up every time a vector is selected, and the only way I know to get rid of it is to deselect the vector. My request is one or both of these: make the menu a free-floating window with a grabbable header bar so it can be moved around, and/or provide a means of turning it off so that a vector can be selected without it popping up.

If either of these is already available and I missed it, please point it out to me.

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one reason why I love to work on my 40" triple monitor setup lol gives me some breathing room

but i agree would be nice

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I just don’t understand how people used to work off of these tiny little screens lol

I know it was because they were expensive but dang lol

you would need new eyes by the end of the week

my dream setup would be 8 46" monitor set up :slight_smile:

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It was all there was at what was then $2,495 for a 128KB Mac (though you’re showing a game, not Cricket Draw or any of the early productivity apps) — you zoomed in / out a lot, scrolled a lot, memorized keyboard shortcuts for zooming in / out (FreeHand’s for fit to current selection was a Godsend) unless you invested even more for a Xerox Alto or Star (one of my Aunts oversaw the first Xerox Alto network which the Federal Government set up).

Funny thing was, the original MacWorld magazines were done in a special format so that they could print screen captures at full size.

And the default screen resolution for Windows 95 was 640x480.

heck now I hate any smart phone under 7 inches lol

I swear I am not blind I just like big screens and lots of them

We would’ve liked to’ve had big screens back then — certainly the original Macintosh II allowing one to use any monitor was a huge step forward, and it was quite nice when the NeXT Cube settled on a standard 17" screen (and later upped that to 23").