Freezing while simulating detail toolpaths


Easel keeps freezing when I try to simulate my detail toolpaths. I can’t create any gcodes for my projects. I thought maybe it just needs more time but this is not the case. I left it and over 10 hours later, the progress bar hasn’t moved. Please help, as I cannot create anything now.

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my spindle doesn’t want to turn on just makes a feint whining noise

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Hi Bryan, welcome to the forum.

Typically this is because the Vbit is either entered incorrectly (the incorrect width is entered as this i supposed to be the widest part of the cutter not the tip width and this is often misunderstood) OR there is a LOT of flat portions and the carve should really be setup as a 2 bit carve using an endmill for the majority of the flat portion. . .

Hi Janine, you may want to click the “forum” button at the top of this page, then the “+ New Topic” button in order to begin a new thread to address your issue specifically. If possible identify what model cnc this is regarding as well. thanks!

Hi Seth,

I have checked and rechecked multiple time about the values entered in for the vbit and everything is correct.

Also, I am already using a 2 bit carve using an endmill for the majority of it.

Don’t get what the problem is and why it suddenly started being difficult.

Can you share the project and provide the link shown after setting the project to unlisted? The process is shown in the 2nd half of this video.

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