Fresh off the machine

This is for someone at work who lost his mum last year. Just took it off the machine so work left to do still

I slowed the recommended setting down a touch as I get a lot of trouble with the screw rods coming off the motor shaft (not an x carve owner yet)

I used a 1/32 spiral I think that’s what it is anyway. The wood is reclaimed from work - no idea what it is but it’s heavy and was free so I’m more than happy there.

What do you think?


Off to a great start. I’m sure they will be more than pleased to have this gift from you. Very thoughtful.

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How fast did you run it and wich router are you using ? For engravings like this I always prefer to use a v bit it’s perfect for letters

I’m using a cheap bottom of the line Chinese cnc off eBay working surface is small on 24cm x 18cm but didn’t want to go all in on the real deal until I’d tried carving first in hindsight wish I’d gone real straight off.

I did read after that v bits are better for lettering so have the machine running as we speak on a different project with a 30 v bit.

Feed rate was 600mm / min plunge at 150 and per Passat 0.5 if memory serves.

I have approval to purchase the x carve just need to source the money to now

I would definitely recommend a v-bit, even a cheap one off amazon will do you well. Looks like you have some pretty serious tear-out there. A downcut or straight cut bit would really limit your tear out if you decided not to use a v-bit. Less finishing work, but still looks great!

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The wood I think is oak ,and @Pyrex is right you should use a downcut or a straight flute will be the way to go if you don’t want to use a v bit Your cutting setting are ok and even a little slow. What kind of router or spindle are you using and how much rpm ? Are you living in Europe ?

Hi Randy,

I’ve ordered a 60 degree v bit to try out. The router is unbranded with a max rpm of 12500rpm though I don’t think it’s using that via easel. I’m in the UK

All right perfect that would much better