Fretslots won't cut. Easel

So even using the Steve Carmichael fretboard provided by inventables every time I go to simulate carve it tells me there is nothing to cut withe my current settings and to check my settings.

My machine is just the default settings when I set it up to my account. Do I need to change those so I can cut fret slots?

Is your bit diameter larger than the carved slot?
A 1/8" bit can not carve a 1/16" slot (numbers are arbitrary, just making a point :slight_smile: )

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No … the slot is .025 and the bit is .024… So that’s not the problem. Head scratcher is what this is.

Arg… Just went through 5 bits… those .024 bits snap if you stare at them wrong lol. My last settings were 5ipm/.01dpp and it still broke…Buying pre slotted is looking better and better unless I can figure this out.

Anyone cut fret slots and have settings to share? I’m cutting rosewood.

I have never done anything like this, but for tiny cuts like this I use the below bit. It does require a 6mm collet (I have the one from elaire) but the tip is 0.25 mm or 0.00984252 inches. These bits are much stronger then typical endmills. Again, I have no idea if this will work for this application, just a thought.

Maybe I got crap bits. I made 1.5 frets with 5 bits. What brand did you get? I got the ones that Carmichael said he got on eBay. 5 bits for $12 . I know you get what you pay for…

Im still unable to see or find the fretboard app… so you’re better off than me!

It’s not an app, but here is something I use

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Zach reported that there was an App written for fretboard cutting, i think under the guise of a Uke project

as an aside, i TOTALLY disagree with the fretting “theory” used in the project instructions

I made a jig that will hold a Tele neck in a pocket, same outline as I use for neck templates and everything else. I set my neck in the jig, then I take the neck drawing with the fret locations and laser just the fret slots on the work piece and cut the slots by hand. Of course you could use the iddy biddy bits for this but I am lazy and don’t have the bits.Great way to lay out out the fret slots. You could even “chuck up” a pencil and draw the lines too…

Do you have any issues breaking bits?