Fried my Arduino or shield?

I was messing around with the arduino and now am getting 12V out of Z but less than 3 out of X and Y. The X and Y lights are flashing and the Z is steady. Adjusting the voltage on the X and Y does no good. Does this seem like I need a new shield, arduino or both?

The voltages coming out of the gShield are PWM (pulse width modulated) you can’t measure the voltage accurately with a standard meter.

What is the failure mode that you are seeing? Do your axes move when jogged?

I just unhooked all of the wires from the shield and the x,y and z measure 12v. But when I hook all of them up the x and y green light will pulse off and on. I can no longer connect the computer to the arduino through easel. I can talk to the board. I did a reflash on it that didn’t help. Also when I hook the wires up the motors are noisy.

It does respond when I plug the usb in but will no longer respond to easel

Do you know how to use the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE? Do you have homing switches and were they working with Easel before the problem happened?

i dont believe you can/should power the drivers without motors plugged in ,
this can fry driver chips . ask me how i know .

is this what you did ?

can anyone confirm this , im not a sparky :wink: