From solidworks to easel problem with multiple line segments

I am new in the cnc world. just build a workbee cnc and i am trying to import a dxf file into easel that i made in Solidworks. But it seems like there are multiple line segments so i can not choose to mill on the inside of the line or the outside.

Does anyone know how i can close the ‘‘lines’’ so that i can choos the outside/inside function?



If you have multiple lines enlarge the project so that you can see it clearly. Go to the edit modes and delete the nodes on the one that you do not want

Why are you not just using the CAM in Solidworks?

What I normally do is open the DXF in Draftsight (free 2d cadd from Solidworks) and join the separate line items into complete paths. Then re-export as SVG, and import to Easel.

Thanks for the reactions! i have found a solution, maybe there are other people with this problem here is the solution:

  1. Download openSCAD (free!)
  2. Drag the .dxf file in the openSCAD software.
  3. Press F6
  4. export as .SVG file and now it has no problems with open lines!


Thanks everybody who responded

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