From the get go, not carving Easel generated toolpath

Homed the machine; set material thickness; bit size; hit carve and the Easel icon is milling wonky. Tried some simple text and it is crooked.

The picture shows the ‘Intro to Easel’ fail (x2). On the left the ‘IKONICS’ simple text that also failed–the text was supposed to go straight across and was situated on the top of the work piece, not the bottom.

I’ve looed around the forum, but have been unable to find a topic with this problem, maybe I’m missing something?

Does anyone have some feedback/advice? Thanks!!

When you carve is done, does the machine return to the same zero?

Looks like you are missing steps, check that your belts are tighten properly and the same with you v-wheels. Double check that the set screws in your pulleys are tight too as the pulley can slip.

Looks like you’re losing steps in your stepper motors. Here’s a good forum with some common things to try to fix it: [Guide] Offset cutting, Lost steps, Positioning errors, etc