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I picked this up from the Inventables projects that are posted.
Where do I set work zero to carve the bowl?
I set it at 0/0 and it went all the way to the right, I had to stop it. The file needs a little work, I was just using scrap to try it out.

Set you home position to the bottom left corner of the material for all of the cuts. Also on the first page you may want to use a 1/16" bit becasue you will not get all of the detail with the 1/8" bit.
Once you do your first cut just use last home position when carving a different page
Also on the last page the image is not the same size as the rest of the pages

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Thanks I will give it a try. I was using a scrap round board so I was using the center for my work zero. I was trying to guess were the bottom left of the square board(if I was using one) would be and i was not even close.
I will try with a square board next.