Front Panel Light not lit up

Just finished building this lovely machine
went to the first step of checking if the motors are wired correctly, I get no movement and the front panel light is not on . The rear light and fan are running
Thanks for your help in patience with the newbie that I am

Make sure your e-stop is pulled all the way up and twist it.

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First thing I checked
Thanks for your quick response

No problem i know the light will not come on if it is not fully up.

Also verify that any internal plug/socket is fully seated.

I remember the day I got to the wired-up stage and tried to connect to my computer for the first time, I thought I had the estop pulled up (it was the first thing I checked), but it turns out up is REALLY up. Maybe you already know this, but if nothing else works, you might check it again.

I always suggest pressing it down (engage) and then twist and pull it up to make sure that it is all the way up (disengaged).

To 100% rule out the E-Stop, bypass it while troubleshooting.

Opened the XContoller
Made sure all cables are properly seated
Checked the EStop again took in apart, made sure it was functioning correctly and not engaging the switch at the base
Contacted support
Also checked jumpers and pots
One odd thing during the build is there are a black and a red going to the estop in the pictures while in my kit there are two reds
Didn’t think much of it because “ it’s just a switch “
Thank you all for your support

Hi fellow Makers
Turns out it was a bad LED
And the user is a little new to Mac
Been a PC user for 30+ years
Thanks for the help awesome Maker people