Frustrations with figuring out workspace/job space/where to position material

Greetings all, I need help. Forgive the redundancy of this post, please. Does anyone out there have the same problems as me with actually making successful carves? It seems I can never get my material placed in the right position, clearly, I’m lacking a complete understanding of job space, workspace, the use of homing and where to actually home to, how that relates to the whole carving process. I should have prefaced this post with the fact that I’m TOTALLY new to CNC. Please tell me I’m making some kind of sense here. Thanks to all that can provide me with some insight. It is GREATLY appreciated!

Put your material down and clamp it. Move the bit to the lower left corner and bring the bit down to just touch the top of the material. That is your work zero. Ater you home and the machine stops that is your homeing position.

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I am also new to the CNC world and you make perfect sense, watch pawpaws workshop on you tube. Hes awesome and has helped alot.


here is the link:


Thanks to all who gave me feedback. I truly appreciate you taking the time. Checking out Phillips YouTube page as I write this!

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I can help with this. First establish where X and Y zero is.
On the table there is a crosshair in the lower left corner. That is default X, Y zero. If you have not set a different X, Y zero and did not change the zero when you designed your project then that is where you place the corner of your workpiece.
What I did (I am a journeyman machinist) I set my workpiece and then move my cutter to that corner (lower left). Touch off with the cutter on both X and Y (one at a time), raise the cutter and move half the diameter.
That puts the center of the cutter directly over the corner thus giving you the starting point.
All measurements are taken from that point.
Does any of that make sense to you?
You can designate any point as X,Y zero on the table. Just be careful.