Full depth cut with roughing pass?

I have some shapes that I want to cut out from a sheet of ply with a full depth cut using a 1/8in bit.

The shapes have some detail in them that I would like to cut using a 1/16in detail bit.

The problem I have is the full depth cut is part of the detail pass and not the roughing pass. Is there any way I can assign the full depth outline cut to use the larger bit?

Can you separate the items using the Exploder App?
Could you share the project and someone will be able to help.

I have designed the pieces myself so they are already ‘exploded’ as sparate shapes/lines etc. The issue is that I cannot find a way to assign the full depth ‘outline’ cut to the larger bit.

The issue being the smaller bit I have does not have a depth of cut deep enough for the full depth of material, whereas the larger one does.

Could you share the project?
In Easel go to File
Click on Share with Link
Copy Link
Hit save
Then post link in Reply

Copy the profile to a separate workpiece, and perform the profile cut (full depth) on that workpiece only.

Edit: Or wait for @RussellCrawford to give you a fish so you can eat for a day.

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This is what Neil is suggesting by using a separate work piece

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Are you suggesting that I asked Simon to share the file so I could fix it?
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Ah ha, I think workpieces could be the way to go, thanks guys :slight_smile: