Full Spectrum Hobby Laster For Sale


I have owned and used this for a couple of years now. It has less than 100 hours of cutting time on it.

This was just used for hobby work and fun.

Comes with the water pump and bucket to cool the laser tube as well as the exhaust fan to blow the smoky air out while cutting.

It has a 24x12 inch cutting area and it is the 40w version.

I am located in the Cincinnati Ohio area. New baby on the way and have to make room and get rid of some toys.

Please contact me with any questions

Thank you

Pictures and $$

Hello Wayne,

Sure when I get home tonight from work I will take some pictures for you.

It cost about $3800.00 new with the the blower, water pump, and air pump for the laser head.

I was hoping to get at least $2500.00 for it based on it being a few years old and not used much.


I would like to take a look at the pictures. Thanks

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