Fully edge lit sign in a walnut frame

Cool. But did you use BLUE LOCTITE?


I really like your “outside the box” thinking with your frames Phil, downright inspiring. I wish I had your drawing skills!

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I would suggest horizontally mirroring your carve so that the text is on the backside of your project.

Hi Phil,

Where do you source your LED lights from? $7 for 16 feet… you cant beat that.

I have a place near me, but as you a two hour drive. They ship but shipping is steep enough that I have to make sure the amount I order will help cover the costs of shipping lol~

Hey Phil, can you give us some details on the carve itself. How deep did you go, how thick is the plastic, and what bit did you use?

Thats so cool. Ive been wanting to do this for a while and after last Christmas I bought 3 ten foot led light packages that were on sale for $4 each. Can`t wait to see if it will be this effective.

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Where in the world did you find led packages for $4.00???
What is in the light packages?

Very nice Phil!

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sign looks great. On the other ones you have done, is there a difference in the edges when they are rough (cloudy edge) and polished (Clear edge)?

do you live near toronto? I found some good prices at a place and they shipped it 4 hours away to me for cheap

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