Fun question of the day?

What was your longest successful carve to date?

12 hours

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Easy. Ploughing a 3D terrain into large cast copper block. 16.5 hours and most of it hand holding a shop vac between the wife and I. Most my jobs these days are below two hours.

Some of my laser jobs, JTech laser on XC are sub 30 seconds. :wink:

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I’ve hit just over 16hrs. When you do 3D carves finishing with a 1/16 ball nose bit and a small step over, time adds up quick

I just let them run, I rarely use my shop vac on long carves, maybe just in the beginning 1hr or so

I frequently do long carves - in excess of 10 hours - and I just let it run. I have dust control and I will frequently leave it running overnight.

(makes popcorn and waits for the safety police to show up) :smiley: